They could be a good politician, and they will fight on a worthy cause since these people are gentle and devoted to those they love, but they hardly forgive and forget.


People born December 6 are very pragmatic, as many Sagittarius people are, but one thing is also famous all of them are only interested in things that are practical, like sports creative things are not one of their best qualities. As we have said they are usually not very creative personalities, but they are good managers, but above all promoters. Numeral 6 that can be found in this day make people humorous and charming, and it is the numeral that is symbolically strongly connected to the sense of justice. It is the number of sacrifices. Number 6 is the number of love, attraction, sexuality and art.

The people who have this number in their lives are starkly attractive to the opposite sex.

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How and when, when they are responsible, they are always ready to help and try to understand the person who is close. But sometimes they use their great concern for others for their profits because they expect them to return with interest what they have given.

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Those in power number 6 have the power to attract sympathies and admirable of others magnetically. And we will add one more symbolism here -the date December 6 is considered by my one of the unfortunate days of the month, and that all those who are born on this day have a Guardian Angel on their shoulders, a force that protects them from all evil.

If take a look into the planets that are symbolical rulers of this date and people who are born on this day, we see two planets, one is are a regular ruler of all Zodiac Sagittarius people, Jupiter, and the other is the planet, Venus.

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Magnetic attraction and intellect are even more and in enhanced due to the influence of Jupiter who is in the sign of the Sagittarius; these qualities are only reinforced. Love is often the dominant topic in their lives, and in the end, these people love loyalty and enthusiasm when it comes to love, or should we say these are characteristics that they appreciate.

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Accidents and fights, offensives and other war connected events; this date had its fair share of negativity through history. But also too significant discoveries occurred on December 6. He was sentenced him to death by the Revolutionary Court, and in he was executed on a guillotine.

By looking at this list of famous people born on December 6, we must say that most of them find their place in the world of successful people in some sport or writing; but if you look at their biographies little more, you will see that all of them have that humanitarian sport to them.

Let us sum up all that we know so far about people who celebrate their birthdays on December 6. These human beings are very resourceful, and more importantly they are more than capable of getting out of almost every situation they find themselves in -remember when we spoke about the guardian angel that all those who are born on December 6?

Here it shows its face and true value. From a more practical view, and believe us for these Sagittarius people pragmatism is critical aspect; they have the gift to sense the benefits in the society as a whole, or can observe the latent potential of their projects that would only develop if things were directed in the other direction. This is because in the sky above us, the sun will pass in front of the constellation of Capricorn hours after Saturn does the same. It doesn't even matter if you try and do nothing.

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Today stipulated. Essentially if you refused to carry out a task that is given to you, you'll be charged with insubordination and rebellion.

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At the same time, Mercury will no longer be in retrograde—which is good—but the shift from this period to the dominance of Capricorn , a sign of power, patriarchy and the law will not be a pleasant, astrologers say. Of course, the winter solstice has as much, if not more, to do with astronomy than astrology. The solstice will begin at EST on December 21, marking the longest day of the year and the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere. It conversely marks the longest summer day in the southern hemisphere. The celebration of the winter solstice in Norse, Celtic, Welsh, Icelandic cultures and for First Nation peoples in modern-day Canada was not a gloomy affair.

It marked the beginning of the return of spring.