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The zodiac signs listed here are based on astrological calculations and are used for planting and other Almanac traditions.

Get out there and rattle your cage! You can benefit from the wealth of others today. Keep your pockets open because gifts, goodies and favours can come your way. This is a great day to get a mortgage, ask for a loan or negotiate dealings with shared property, inheritances and insurance matters. Relations with partners and close friends are beautifully smooth today.

Do get out and shmooze. You'll find exchanges with others to be energetic and charming. A platonic friendship could become romantic.

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Join forces to work with others today. A lovely day at work! You have the energy to accomplish a lot, and not only that, you'll enjoy working. Whatever you do seems easy, like a hot knife slicing through butter. Very likely, you can improve your job, or improve your relationships with co-workers. Romance and love affairs get a lovely boost today! You're in the mood for fun and others can sense this.

Tell them to take a number. Sports, social occasions, the arts, acting, teaching, the entertainment world or the hospitality industry all are areas where you can make money. You'll enjoy buying beautiful things for where you live or for family members today. This is a great day to tweak your digs or redecorate. It's also a lovely day to entertain at home. And lest we forget, this is a great day for real-estate deals as well.

You have the gift of the gab today. Because you find it so easy to be charming, push every opening you have in sales, marketing, writing, teaching or talking to others. Moon Alert: After 8 a. The moon is in Sagittarius. Do something different. Shake up your routine. Learn something new. Expand your world. You are the financial wizard of the zodiac.

You can take care of loose details regarding taxes, debt, inheritances, insurance issues and anything to do with the wealth and resources of your partner or other people. Stay on top of this stuff. The moon is opposite your sign, which means you will focus on others, especially those who are closest to you, such as partners and close friends. It also means you must compromise and go more than halfway when dealing with others. It will please you to do something to feel efficient and productive. Tidy your glove compartment in your car.

With the moon in your fellow fire sign, you are energized. You want to socialize. You want to have fun. Explore the arts. Accept invitations to party. Sports events and playful activities with children will shine. Tap into your creative urges and express yourself. You might want to cocoon at home. I remember how every morning before breakfast Nap used to stand on his head in our living room. He said it was good for the brain.

Our 90 lb. Later in life they spent more of their time in Osoyoos, B. Nap skated even into his eighties and Lily had her choirs. They were good people and did good works.

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We are better for having known them. Without pay or often recognition, he was very active in many activities seeking to help people living in poverty to get the social benefits due them. He was particularly known for being a strong advocate for people who were disadvantaged by the economic and political system.

He helped establish the Research, Action and Education RAE Centre, which was a socialist base and ally for political support for workers and farmers. He realized there were significant battles to fight and he, along with other urban activists, travelled many miles to help sort out what was happening in the farm community and how we could best respond. Here he assisted unemployed workers with their job searches and in getting employment insurance. In seeking tangible and practical ways of both helping people and advancing a socialist agenda, he put his principles into practice.

However, my objectives are 1. He was a founder and active member of the Saskatoon Solidarity Committee in the s. At the time, the Committee was raising awareness and supporting the liberation movements fighting apartheid in South Africa. He and the committee created solidarity relations with other organizations and particularly those in the former Portuguese and British colonies of southern Africa. Brian lived his principles. In Saskatoon he lived in a housing collective and was a member of a construction cooperative.

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He was always respectful of others, supported workers to take leadership positions and followed group democracy even when he had differing opinion. As an individual, Brian was generous and social, always ready to help anyone needing assistance. On many occasions he demonstrated courage that inspired others, a no bull-shit attitude towards officials and a clear understanding of how to get things done. He had many friends and was well known in his communities.

He was well read and an articulate speaker despite a speech impediment. He had an intelligent sense of humour. There was a very moving message from the representative of the Association for Friendship Between Peoples and a message from the Provincial Governor who was in Maputo. We all felt deeply moved by the level of support we received, which we felt was way beyond the call of duty and was a gesture of affection and respect for Brian.

I was personally very affected by the level of support that we received. What a terrible waste of a fine person.

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Visiting Brian's Grave in Pemba, Mozambique. I was visiting family and friends in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, so it was only a short flight to Pemba in northern Mozambique. Brian died in a car accident on October 15, and today is February 14, I met Brian in August when the group of us were being oriented for our assignments in Botswana.

Immediately everyone fell in love with Brian. Some of us became instant friends. We all knew he wanted to be buried in Africa if he died there. His death was obviously sudden, but with hindsight not unexpected. He often travelled throughout Africa in places where risks were essential and well known. He also drank alcohol a lot and often drove his vehicles, which he and we all knew was not wise. The important observation to make now is that his death was a major shock for so many of us who knew and loved him. He was an important person in our lives and we all suffered a major loss.

In his unique way, Brian was a friend, comrade, ally and companion to so many of us in Africa and Canada. As a person, he was intelligent, compassionate, adaptable, humorous and passionately political. He was dedicated to working with and trying to help people abused by economic and political systems. While we all worked in social or international development, he was conscious of the importance of empowering people, not just helping them cope with poverty, unemployment or discrimination. In fact, we could not speak with confidence that we knew where it was, other than in Pemba.

Canadians who worked or lived in Mozambique had an idea of how he was buried, but we did not have a solid description of his location. Then decades went by and as the expression goes, life got in the way. In I was in Tanzania and tried to plan a trip to Mozambique but was frustrated by bureaucracy and insufficient time. Last year a few people who knew Brian started to consider coming to Pemba, and the result was Don Abbott and myself have come here. The inscription: a man dedicated to the working class.

She worked for the government in a district post in land planning. From what I heard, she did the job well. Meredith hailed from Manitoba, the determined daughter of an entrepreneurial family and a proud woman of the West. Her father had developed Lamb Air, a regional airline in her province, and she had been raised discussing the business. Meredith had a head on her shoulders. She was also a real dreamer, fascinated with space. So she went after other adventures.

I see online that Meredith kept her interest in space. Meredith had a marked proclivity for business she hated the National Energy Plan yet seemed fair-minded in dealing with land applications from folks of varying backgrounds. The luxury safari trade sure permeates Chobe now. Meredith was about The DC assigned her to a tiny, spartan, standard civil service house made of cement blocks. Her roommate was a Peace Corps teacher in his 60s. The man was kind.

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Unfortunately, his mind inhabited an ahistorical, explorer-esque worldview that was kind of removed from reality. And he was definitely not used to sharing a house with a woman. Unmarried officers posted to Kasane in the 80s were almost all tested by the people we had to share houses with. The powers that be assigned and we had to live with it. We were in the boonies. There were no other options.

So I admired Meredith for the way she navigated her living situation. A million, zillion times she wanted to tell the roommate to put the damn seat down. But she never did.

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Ernie at his house in Mochudi. Following their retirement, they went to Botswana for a couple of years, living and working in Mochudi. Pearl was a teacher; Ernie was an engineer, a welder and an enthusiastic builder of solar water heaters. It was her 50th birthday and she had agreed to come to replace Anita Hutchings the following year.

Anita and Bodil had met at Sheridan College, where Bodil was launching her new mid-life career as a potter. She returned in and took on the responsibility of turning the pottery into a successful high-quality production workshop. She was such a hard-working, talented and professional potter and she did a lot to pass these skills on to the Botswelelo pottery, which continued to produce high quality, unique, marketable ceramics that so many of us still have in our houses.

Bodil was one of the most unassuming people I have known. She taught by example — her skills and her lifestyle reflected her principles and her humanity.

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On the other hand, she was a mean scrabble player, and many evenings we sat in our tiny kitchen in Thamaga and played Scrabble and Yahtzee. She was always a welcoming host for our many visitors. We lived and worked together for two years until she completed her contract and took on another challenge — going to a folk college in Denmark, her original country. Bodil was instrumental in setting up a network of potters in the Dundas and Hamilton area. She took up challenge after challenge in her life — when she agreed to do something she did it whole-heartedly.

When she returned to Canada she picked up the thread of her pottery life and co-founded a Studio Tour in her area of southwestern Ontario that continues as an annual event to this day. Her pottery post-CUSO incorporated some of the Thamaga influence as well as many new directions, especially in her porcelain creations. She later gave up pottery production in Canada — it takes such a physical toll — and turned to knitting, weaving and other crafts, still based just outside Dundas.

Bodil was one of those people who have incredible inner strength of purpose and character. She was humble and hardworking — she always tried to blend into the background when credit was being shared. I felt so fortunate to be able to live and work with Bodil. And she is still missed. Photo courtesy of Dennis Lewycky. Her kitchen and living room were always open to all homesick, troubled, lost, wandering people attached to CUSO. She had a library of books to lend, a wonderful array of music, and was a great and discreet listener.

However, Sharon had a sharp and ready wit too — well informed and engaged in the world. It was more than a newsletter — more of a magazine — and although called the Monday Morning , she would share a smile and tell us all not to expect it weekly, but she would make her best efforts to get it out monthly. She set up a magazine sharing space — she ordered subscriptions of local and international magazines and ensured they circulated to a list of people who signed up.

She did book reviews, found good analytical articles to include, and best of all, there was a regular column called The Embassy Chamberpot — a play on the Embassy Chambers address for the CUSO office. Sharon and I also had a couple of wonderful road trips around Botswana — mostly she kept me company while I carted around suitcases full of Thamaga Textiles that I happily forced everyone and anyone to purchase. Early marketing strategies for those samples!

Sharon hosted many parties and other gatherings at the Schmidt household — great food and drink and good music. If needed, she could also find you a corner to sleep in!

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Sharon and Oz shared their children with us too — when we needed a shot of family life we could borrow the kids or read them bedtime stories. She was a good friend and we stayed in touch over the years, sharing visits in Ottawa, Halifax, Nairobi and finally in Kingston, where she died in Sharon's home and personal door was always open. She was gracious, interested, knowledgeable and had a wicked wit and a lovely sense of design. Sitting on her couch with a coffee or glass of wine, music playing, was always a stimulating and comforting refuge. She was a loving and funny mother and Alan and I were among those who were happy to take 4-year-old dennis-the menace Dana off for the day or weekend.

The Schmidt door was always open — with Sharon ready with a cup of coffee. She always had time and patience! For those of us who had the privilege of being able to stay in touch, the gift of Sharon just kept on giving at their subsequent homes in Kanye and Nairobi. Writing this brought back many fond memories. She really was a wonderful person. But she abhorred the lecturing, nay, hectoring, tone practised by some within ECSA. After all, we are humans, rather than folks deemed to be on an errant path and in need of condescending, at times guidance from an "I know better than you" source.

It was her choice to welcome so many to our guest room for an overnight stay, and that action and attitude set a sustained and important tone to the programme functioning. Louis Academy, Radway, Alberta, and St. Louis and decided to join the congregation, beginning with them at Medicine Hat in She made her first profession in She trained as a teacher and taught at St. Theresa's until In her youth Sr. From to Sr. Yvonne worked in Regina with First Nations women and in parish social justice activities. In she dedicated herself to opening and operating Sofia House Support of Families in Affliction , a shelter for abused women and their children.

Yvonne retired to St. Yvonne was an SCSL for 80 years. Sister Yvonne was visiting with one of her sisters of the order who had relatives here in Milk River. I always wondered what you looked like without your wimple on. What a coincidence to meet someone in Botswana and find the connections here in southern Alberta. After we had both graduated from university we shared a house in Montreal with some friends in a sort of communal living arrangement for two years as we both embarked on teaching careers.

She had a little daughter, Robin, from a brief marriage from which they had just escaped.