Vijay Chitra for the graphics on the cover design and the Audio CD preparation. Prabhu Hingorani and Smt. Anymistakesinthisbookaretotallyonthatpartofus,the students and will rectify them in due course. Lesson 1 Compiled by Palanivelu Topics Covered: 1. Mantras for learning astrology. Introduction to Vedic astrology basic concepts. Key Points: 1. The associated mantra is "Om sri mahaganapataye namah". Recite the parampara mantra "Hare Rama Krishna". These three form the tripod of life. Anothermantratoreciteregularlyis"OmShleemDhleem JjyotirbraahmaayaNamah",whichwillmakethederivationof knowledge from the universal light.

Anothermantrais"OmShreemDhleem MedhadakshinamurthayeNamah"toremovetheconfusionin the mind of astrologers. Recite these mantras times or 11 times, if times if not possible. Ifyouwantyoucanalsoadd"Om"infrontofit,to safeguard from the mistakes. There are 12 Rasis signs and 9 planets. Two more planets, Ra andKeareused,whicharenotphysicalobjects. Theseare pointswheretheMoonsorbitaroundtheearthintersectsthe planeoftheearthsorbitaroundtheSu.

Theyarealsocalled chaya grahas as these are formed of shadows. Theentirezodiacisdividedinto12equalparts eachof30 degrees and each such part is called a rasi sign. The first sign is Ar Ar and is also called Mesha in Sanskrit. Mesha spans 0 to 30 degrees. The next part is Taurus Ta or Vrishabha from 30 to 60degrees. Thesedivisionsarebased on real stars in the sky.

Lessons on Vedic Astrology 2 9. ASC is a very important point and it shows you, self. All the other planets show other people or circumstances that are influencing you. Sopositionsofthenineplanets intheirrespectivesigns aroundtheLagnaatthetimeofbirthofaperson,constitutesa rasiChart. Similarly,rasichartscanbedrawnforagroupof peopleoracountry. Forexample,themomentwhencertain persons got together and declared the formation of a party is the moment of the birth of thepartyandwill determine the fortunes of it.

Lagna takes approximately 1 whole day to go around the zodiac and come back to the same point. For Mo it is about 29 days, for Su about days 1 year , for Ma about 1. RaandKeeachtake18yearstogo around the zodiac once, approximately. Thisperiodisimportant becauseMoisthesignificatorofthemindandSaturns placementinthesesignsmaycausemuchtroubletomind. So each Sade-sati period is for 2. Fromtheearth,ifaplanetappearstogobackward,itiscalled Vakri or retrograde. The process of retrogression is called vakra-gamanam. Accordingtotheshastras,thewholeuniverseismadeofa materialcalledNarayana.

Therestof Narayana cannot be perceived by ordinary mortals. Jupiter,theBrihaspati,istheteacherofgods,representsour intelligenceandpowerofdiscretion. InVedicastrology,thereareso-calledVargachakrasor divisionalchartsthatwecreateforapersoninadditiontothe rasi Chart, and in these charts the ASC changes in few minutes. According to maharshis of our tradition, the rasi chart shows our physicalexistenceandhealth i.

Ifyoudonthaveanygoodmuhurtapre-calculatedforyour purpose, you can use the muhurta of the mid day i. This muhurta is called Abhijit muhurta and is universally good. Abhijit meansgreatvictory. Thereasonwhyshastrasrecommendon 3 thisisbecauseatmidday,theSuislocatedthreesigns equivalent to 6 hrs behind the ASC and thus will be located in the 10th house from the ASC each Rasi is a house with ASC as the 1st house; the houses are counted in the zodiacal direction; 10th house represents one's karma and the success in it.

Thus Su being in the 10th house is auspicious for any activity. Astrologyisaprobabilisticknowledgeofthefuturehappenings in our lives and it helps us to mentally prepare for the good and thebadinthefuture. Astrologyrevealshiddentraitsina personspersonality. Astrologycanofferremediesforcertain bad situations. Puranic stories and their relevance to individuals 2.

Introduction to what the planet represents Key Points: 1. These storiesarenottobeperceivedassimplestories. Mostofwhat isdescribedinthesestoriesisqualitiesthatarewithinus. Thesethingshappenedinthebiguniverseandcannotbe perceived. D is tough to understand and we need to have a very high level of confidence in birth time.

Lagna changes every 2 minutes so an error of around 30 minutes means all lagnas are possible 4. Looking at the D chart from Lagna shows the karma that you have to experience in this life. The karma leftover from all previous lives. Rasi D-1 shows the physical existence, type of body. Navamsa, Dasamsa etc show the environments in life. For example Dasamsa shows the environment of work, where the native works. Rasi chart is physical existence chart. D shows Karma carried out in all other environments. Consider 8 th lord s dasa in rasi chart, if this planet is supposed to give great blessing, this person may be working very hard but enjoying the work if planet shows blessings in D Parasara says see everything from D In Vimsopaka bala calculations various divisional charts are given weightings.

In dasavarga Shastiamsa gets more weightage that rasi and navamsa combined together. If planet is in 9 th house in D, the planet gives the results of Dharma kept in past lifes. Rasi shows the environment, such as open area, water etc. Planet shows the nature of death such as shot death, hospitalized etc. Various rasis stand for various kind of places and this list is available in standard literature. Example, One of the places shown by Gemini is gardens Mer shows greenery. Pisces shows riverside, ocean, hospitals, prison etc.

Caves are shown by Scorpio. Libra shows market, malls, entertainment complexes etc. Virgo: agricultural fields. Capricorn: marshlands. Aquarius: mountains. Malefics in the house shows bad death. Example, Mars could mean death by a weapon. Sa shows sad and slow death, may be a prolonged illness. Sun shows rajadhandam, death due to king s orders. Current life also, 3 rd from AL shows the nature of the death. Jaimini says for current life nature of death, take the Concept: For every bhava, there is a bhavatbhavam. Based on the person dies in past life, certain phobias are exhibited.

Example, Ketu in Sg shows falling from a height by mistake Ke. Example Chart 1: D Analysis: Dasa to be used with Shastiamsa is Moola dasa. Looking at Moola dasa, Su dasa is the first dasa. Sun is in indu amsa. Indu means Moon, a benefic Shastiamsa ruler. Good results given related to 2 nd and 7 th houses.

The karma to be experienced is near-death karma. Pt Sanjay rath, nearly drowned in a reservoir near the grand-mothers house. Exalted Moon in 3 rd from AL indicates death from drowning. Native had phobia of water for a long time. Planets in 9 th house and the 9 th lord give karmic protection. From AL, past life: Ketu, 9 th lord in lagna, headless in a spiritual way. If 9 th lord is in lagna, father, guru or elders will be very fond of the native.

Lagna lord Ju is exalted in 5 th house showing a very scholarly person rd house has exalted Mo with Me aspecting showing a good communicator. Since Mo is in 3 rd house, very sweet communicator. Ju is the 10 th lord and 10 th house is occupied by Ma and Ve, since two teachers are involved, a teaching career is possible. Venus owns 3 rd and 8 th, so could have been an occult teacher.

Ra in 7 th house, 7 th lord Me in 8 th house showing some negative indications. Current life: Ve dasa: Venus occupies mrityu-amsa, when a planet is in mrityuamsa, the karma from past life is negative and death like. Venus results are not great, which will be given in Mars dasa due to conjunction of Ve and Ma. Mars is a yogakaraka and is in dhavaagni-amsa, dhavaagni means forest fire literally.

Mars is 5 th and 10 th lord, since Mars is a malefic, 6 th house placement is excellent. The conjunction of 4 th and 5 th lord ma and Ve is also a good yoga. The 5 th lord is in 6 th house, linking 5 th and 6 th house, showing deemantha yoga which shows one who has wisdom and intelligence. The unfinished karma is very important because Sa is Ak.

This is related to 12 th and 8 th house matters even 7 th house, in this case it was relating to occult knowledge. Sa being 7 th lord, he got married. Lot of occult knowledge was gained during this dasa. Sa is retrograde showing deep desire. During this dasa, Pt. Some challenges like some of the early students left Jagannath centre, some politics regarding this centre, some reputation sullying.

All these happened in Sa dasa. Ketu dasa: Ke is in Dhandaayuda-amsa, Dhanda literally means a stick. Ke is the 5 th lord in 9 th Ke is in Piscies which is his Moolatrikona showing a serious planet. During this period a Good name is very much possible. Ke being the 5 th lord would bring great recognition. Sa, the AK being in bhrasta-shastiamsa, so the life long mission of spreading knowledge is always present.

Caution: Please be very sure of the birth time. Reading D should be done only after reading other divisions and when there is a high level of confidence in the birth time. Moola dasa in software is currently not perfect. Rahu dasa: Ra is 8 th lord in 3 rd house, Ra is in dhandayudha-amsa.

Lesson 17 - vedic astrology by PVR Narasimha Rao

All the occult siddhis will fructify in this dasa. Ra a malefic, 3 rd house placement is good. In this dasa, Pt Rath will channel his energies well and aggressively. A very good dasa. Ju dasa: Best dasa in his life, Hamsa mahapursha yoga, he is destined to do great work. Ju is in kulagna-amsa. Kula means tradition not caste. Kulagna means ending a tradition. Ju is the 9 th lord, exalted in lagna showing excellent protection but the same Ju is showing having broken a lineage in past life. So the karma in current life will be establishing a nice lineage.

Given the strength of Ju and the bad amsa, this shows starting a very strong lineage to so that he pays for being a kulagna in the past life. D shows the karma from past life carried by the planets and for that kind of karma how does one payback or reap benefits. D shows more subtle aspects of a person or the root cause of a person s existence. Moola dasa is the right dasa to use with D General discussion on Purusharthas 2. Digbala, Vimsopaka bala 3. Key points: 1. They are not kaarakas, some are but they have a desire to influence this particular trikona. Ju and Me want to control the Dharma of a person 4.

Sun and Mars, want to control the actions of a person 5. Sa intends to give a strong desire so that he can work hard 6. Mo and Ve karaka for happiness and Pleasure, not have strong desires 7. DigBala: Su, Ma on cusp of 10 th house attain most digbala. Ju, Me on cusp of 1 st, Sa in 7 th, it may not be desirable but if Sa in 7 th he has good digbala, Ve, Mo in 4 th 8. Concept: Digbala is the directional strength, Planet having good digbala can give strong direction to the person 9. Digbala is one of the constituents of Shadbala and the purpose of shadbala is not to show which planet is stronger in a chart but this is to be used in Yogas.

Astakavarga Bala shows the co-operation a planet has from other planets. Vimsopaka Bala Most important to judge strength of a planet. How well disposed this planet is towards delivering results or implementing its agenda. Native is very eager to become a saint. Nobody in the family is inclined this way.

Is this good or is this person going in the wrong direction. Ketu- Marutvaan is the d amsa ruler one who posesess strength of wind. God of strong determination D Lagna Lord is Sa is in 8 th house. Lagna Lord shows buddhi Sun and Ju with Sa so religious application. Any PravRaja yoga- no strong Sanyaasi yoga. Any special yogas? All are just common rd from AL no planets, 6 th from AL has 3 planets. This is from AL, how world sees her. Ma is strong has ruchaka yoga, Lot of will power and nobody can stop them from what they want to do. The person has lot of determination and will power, ke in 12 th and strong interest in mysticism because of the 8 th house.

Demantha yoga, 5 th and 6 th lord are together and are aspecting Lagna so the person is intelligent. They are reasonably close. Ve is uncomfortable. D Vimsamsa Narayana dasa Lagna has Ju, same Ju in 8 th house along with lagna lord in D Lagna lord in d is in 12 th house and debilitated. Ve in 12 th lord is good for spiritual matters. Main Karaka, 8 th lord in Rasi is the main karaka for d Me is the 8 th lord in D-1, is in 8 th house in D This increases the ability to do tapasya.

Same trikona parivartana is good. So, if the native is going to become a sanyasin, D also should show it. In rasi chart 10 th lord Ketu is in 12 th house so renunciation is possible. Ketu in 10 th house, Good karma relating to Me and Ke. D has Gaja-Kesari yoga, conjunction of 1 and 9 th lord is lakshmi yoga native s intelligence is in connection with the native s dharma and this Yoga is happening in 12 th house.

Ju and Mo in Brahma-amsa. Brahma-amsa shows digging deeper. So native reads a lot of religious texts and dig deeper and Lessons on Vedic Astrology Volume II will be reasonably famous person. Ketu in yama-amsa shows very disciplined person so this can show an ascetic. D1,D20 and D10 so far indicate the native being an ascetic Me and Ma have parivartana, Once exchange has been triggered, Mars and Ketu will show a lot of fire in the person to pursue an ascetic life.

Mars yoga-karaka in d10, the professional environment will involve worship, incharge of worship etc. Strong chances that the person will succeed in the path the native is talking about. D, Choices of Lagna is leo and virgo, cancer ruled out because of earlier rectification to birth-time not being wrong by 40 seconds back. If Virgo, AL would be in cancer, Somebody very interested in Mysticism, because sa and me in 8 th house in sign of Aq. Sun, Ma and ke in 5 th house shows fire relating to 5 th house, so highly religious person.

Virgo makes more sense given the current life orientation Moola dasa, Jupiter in saumya shastiamsa, so karma represented by Ju from past life is flowery. D-9 Nakshatra dasa, Sataabdika dasa, Ju dasa now,sa antardasa, D-1 yoga in 8 th house between Ju and Sa results being given now. At current point of time, there will not be an interest in the native th house in navamsa, Sun and Ma are really strong and karaka venus is there. One of these should give marriage. Antardasa of Sun in Jup, there is some chances. Strength of 7 th house, 7 th house is strong, UL lord venus is in a quadrant form UL which adds to the strength.

Because of 7 th Usually Ta UL, marriage is tough to come General dictum from tradition. D-7, 5 th lord Me is well placed in Quadrant. Ju is karaka for children is in 11 th house in own sign. Ju is quite strong. Controlling planet for women is 9 th lord, 9 th lord is Sa and is well placed. Concept: D-7 controlling planet for Male is 5 th lord and Women it is the 9 th lord Sa in 1 st, maranakaraka-sthana is a slight blemish but other indications are strong st Child: Lord of Capricorn shows 1 st child, Sa in Taurus, What kind of person, Hardworking person.

Likely to be a girl, even sign.

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Nature of person: Ke in 8 th house and gaja-kesari in 11 th, somebody who is harshly spoken 2 nd house Ma and Ra who later turns into a nice speaker because of parivartana between Mer and Ra nd Child, Have to cross over Ketu so unlikely. Overall: Strong ascetic but will get married. Spouse: L7, material image of the person. L7 in Ta, exalted Mo, so Person is seen as compassionate.

Taurus shows practicality. Guru-Chandal yoga, religious but in a different practical way. Person will be very learned, god fearing but not like her but more practical. Person s Nature: Ma, Su and Ve in lagna so very driven, Ke in 12 th that makes the native interested in moksha with strong 8 th house. So material image is different from nature. This native is destined for ascetic path but this native will get married later and will find an understanding person.

Me 12 th from Ak in Ma sign, so a Vishnu avatara can give her moksha Narasimha Shiva-krita mantra raja pada stotram stotra in worship of narasimha written by lord shiva recital will be very useful. How to identify body parts affected when 6 th and 8 th house related things are involved in giving health problems.

Shoola Dasa concepts 6. Example Chart 2: May 21 st, Bangalore, India. Key Points: 1. Considering Annual TP Chart for , here are some observations: a. Sat is Hora Lord. Ge is rising c. Asc has Md. Period under consideration is of that Ma Tithi Ashtottari Dasa g. Based on the degrees, Ra is deeply afflicting Ju, and little lesser but significantly Mo, and from far off Ma. Overall good year because of that. Mo, Ju affliction by Ra though not a malefic, has some negative forces regarding money, career, relations.

Arranging in the order of benefics, Ma gives results of Mo. Mo is 2 nd lord in 3 rd, and afflicted by Ra.

In which case, it gives Ma results. Papakarthari of Hora Lord not important. Ve owns 5 th and 12 th is in MKS. Ju owns 7 th and 10 th is in MKS. So, some unfortunate event related to 5 th, 12 th, 7 th, and 10 th possible. Ve is the Naisargika karaka of wife and Ju is the Naisargika karaka of children. Regarding dasamsa D10 , here are the observations: a. Sa Hora Lord well placed in 3 rd b. Lagna and 10 th lord Ju in 10 th giving Hamsa Yoga. Ju afflicted by Ve 8 th lord. He is 2 nd and 9 th lord. So, resources at work and protection are taken out. He has A11 and A10 with him, and owns A6 and A7.

I think that disruption of work due to accident might be because of A10 in 7 th along with MKS planet. At the same time Ma in 7 th can indicate independent venture. Overall no unfortunate event related to work as Hora Lord, Asc lord well placed though some trouble in recognition, and sudden changes. Regarding Navamsa D9 , here are the observations: a. Regarding marriage itself, taking 7 th house as Asc and analyzing, we notice following: i.

Ra in 8 th iii. Sa, Ke in 2 nd house, and very strong. Overall, something negative about marriage and wife can be noticed from this chart. Regarding Saptamsa D7 , here are the observations: a. Information: Native has 4 children and 1 st didn t survive. These lords are together. So, some negative result regarding children. To be precise, 3 rd child whose Asc is Leo is probably affected. Overall some negative result w. Hint given by native s son about the incident: It s not related to wife, children, but to himself, and it s regarding health.

So, now the question is weather he got ill health, or did he recover? Hint indicates ill health, so reconcile the event. Looking at Annual TP Rasi chart. Here are some observations: a. Mo is afflicted by Ra c.

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Ma, the 6 th lord, is in 3 rd. It s good if not afflicted by Ra. Here it s not that auspicious. Ma has graha drishti on A6. Based on c and d observations, accident possible. Let s see if there are indications in Shashtamsa D6. In Shashtamsa D6 , any problems to the existence of the person are seen from 6 and 8 th house. Analyzing for Ma time period, following are the observations: a. Ma in 8 th and in his own house. Based on above observations, accident is possible. Let s see if it s because of his own vehicular accident by analyzing D In D16, following are the observations: a.

So, protection is removed?

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Also, is 8 th lord in 2 nd a bad thing? Ve who is supposed to give longevity to the essence of vehicular comfort becomes a maraka by the nature of being in 2 nd? Observation of the class is that there is no strong indication of own vehicular problems. Let s check the Trimsamsa D30 for Trimsamsa D30 is the opposite of Navamsa. It shows the evil events whereas Navamsa D9 shows the blessings.

The following are the observations: a. Ra and Ke are the key planets in this chart. The way this chart is cast, no planet can be there in either Cn or Le. Me represents Bhutatwa. Bhutatwa indicates bones, skeleton, etc. Houses are Ge and Vi. Ve represents Jala tatwa. Jala tatwa indicates blood related, fluids, mind, etc. Houses are Ta, and Li. Ma represents Agni tatwa.

Agni tatwa indicates metabolism, thinking process, digestion, etc. Houses are Ar, and Sc. Sa represents Vayu tatwa. Vayu tatwa indicates vatha disorders, anxiety, breathing. Houses are Cp, and Aq. Ju represents Akasa tatwa. Akasa tatwa doesn t indicate anything specific but it holds everything together. In akasa, Bhu, Jala, Agni, Vayu exist. Houses are Sg, and Pi. Any affliction to Akasa by Ra, Ke, affects the whole existence. There are three variations of D They are Parivritti, Shashtyamsa like, Parasara.

Parivritti shows the evils that the person continues to do. Shashtyamsa like shows the suffering obtained because of all the past evils. Looking at the native s D We notice the following: a. Badhaka lord Su is in Asc b.


Ju is in MKS. Ra, Ke affliction of Ju. Akasa tatwa is afflicted. So, there is a strong chance that something bad happens.


Analyzing the natal chart, we notice the following: a. Ju is 3 rd and 6 th lord, and is exalted. Ju has affliction of Ra c. Ju is AK. Generally AK periods are not good from the materialistic perspective. Ju is in gandantha [last degree of Can or first degree of Le. It s a border between water and fire. Arranging Ju, Mo, Ra in benefic order, Ju should give Ra results, and vice versa, but Ra and Ju are so inimical to each other and hence wouldn t exchange results.

Had Me been there, instead of Mo, there is a possibility of exchange as Me might mediate between Ju and Ra, but even then we can t say for sure. From Ve, the dasa lord, Ju is the 5 th and 8 th lord in 12 th. Placed in house of loses. Based on the above we can expect some bad event. Looking at D6 for finding what the health problem might be, we notice the following a. Ju is the 8 th lord in 8 th with Ma b. Ma is A6 owner c.

Ju owns A8. Ma is badhakesha in 8 th house. Ju gives Ma results Badhakesha in 8 th is not good. Ma being badhakesha being in 8 th house and owner of A6 can bring some sudden accident kind of event, and ill health. Which part will be affected by Ju who is the 3 rd and 6 th lord? Here are the guidelines: a. From 8 th house, see the sign. From 6 th house, see from Asc. The following are the houses and what they represent: i. Asc First House - Head ii. In this case Ju is the 6 th lord in 10 th. So, the problem is in the knees.

Finally the puzzle to answer is vehicular accident. Some other vehicle came and hit the native. Important points to notice out of this solution a. Never ignore a Gandantha planet. Something serious is possible during Gandantha planet s dasas. If such a person comes to the astrologer, advise Mrithyunjaya Mantra. This can alleviate some suffering. Somehow miraculously escapes.

AK tries to teach that body is not the reality. So, it wants the body to prove this. If accident happens because of AK, it s a life changing one. Tithi Pravesa gave some hints, Vimsottari-Natal is much stronger here. So, always check the natal and never ignore it. Shoola Dasa Concepts: a. This dasa shows serious accidents, and even death. Dasa periods of AL and the trines from it are very important.

If a person dies AL is what is destroyed. Running shoola dasa period should be seen as where Shiva s shoola s middle spoke hits and the other two hits the trines from the dasa. Along with AL, 3 rd from AL is also important.

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During the concerned period, Aq dasa is running. Analyzing the chart we notice the following: a. It s an evil sign - 9 th from AL. Badhakesha, Su is aspecting it. Luckily, Ma, and Ke, the marakas in 8 th, are not aspecting Aq. So, we do see some afflictions to the trine from AL but luckily Marakas are not involved.

Looking from Native son s chart to see the indications, we notice the following: a. Selecting Pitru-Shoola dasa, we notice that Ta dasa is running. Each Shoola dasa is 9 years. Shiva is Mahakala here. For Pitru- Shoola dasa, take 9 th house and 7 th from it and choose the stronger of them, and first dasa starts from Narasimha Rao December 31, version 2 with typos corrected Warning: All. This system is devised as a numerical scheme of interpretation that lets us easily see a snapshot assessment of the strength of a house thru a unique point system. Bhavartha Ratnakara Contents 1.

Dhana yogas - Combinations for poverty - Education. There are so many types of dasha systems. But I found the Vimshottari. The Process of Qualifying Yogas Yogas vary in eir impact upon a person's life. It is important to determine how effectively each yoga is going to operate. I am calling is qualifying yogas. After finding. Narasimha Rao August 26, Warning: All copyrights are reserved with author. Jyotish Sanskrit for Science of Light , is based.

Rav Berg, Days of Power Forewarned is forearmed. The 16th century kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria. We cannot give strong support unless we become mighty men. None of us should fail because this is God s plan. God wants us to. Chapter 1 Introduction to Correlation Suppose that you woke up one morning and discovered that you had been given the gift of being able to predict the future.

Suddenly, you found yourself able to predict,. Bible Time. Narasimha Rao December 31, version 1 Warning: All copyrights are reserved with author. Preface Alcoholism is a disease of many losses. For those of us who are the relatives and friends of alcoholics, these losses affect many aspects of our lives and remain with us over time, whether or not. The importance of Prayer life Prayer means communication with God. Prayer will lead us into dependence upon God. A person completely declared before God I am nothing and God is supreme.

And declare without. God s people sinned against Him. Lesson 6 Duties of a Husband A happy young man hurried home to his parents to share with them the good news that his girl friend had promised to marry him. But the father, rather than responding as his. What are you worried about? Looking Deeper Looking Deeper What are you worried about? Some of us lie awake at night worrying about family members, health, finances or a thousand other things.

Worry can.