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The zodiac signs listed here are based on astrological calculations and are used for planting and other Almanac traditions.

So we select Ketu. Also Rahu is in the star of Ravi in 7th bhava and in own sub. So we select Rahu.

Love Marriage

This is enough to prove the power of aspect of Sani as a strong significator FEMALE It is the duty of a good and sincere astrologer to verify and rectify the exact time of birth using the ruling planets as propounded by Guruji in his writings. Now let us attempt to analyse the girls horoscope. KP Rule: The 5th Cuspal sublord skr is also owner of the 5th house and in the star of the 7th lord Guru.

Also the 7th cuspal sublord Ravi is in the star of chan posited and owning the positive 2nd house. Note the mutual aspect between the 5th lord sukr and the 7th lord Guru and also the 11th lord mang.

Astrology Love Compatibility According To Vedic Astrology

So love-marriage is confirmed. KP significators- all planets except Sani are significators of 2,5,7 or 11 Aspect of outer planet — Looking at Guru as an effective outer planet in this case ,we see that Guru in the 3rd house of agreement owns and aspects the 7th house of marriage by its powerful 5th aspect.

Love Ishq Dhokha - Extra Marital Affair - Litigation Court Case - KP Astrology Case Study Sky Speaks

Guru also aspects the 11th house of fulfillment by its 9th aspect. So here we see Guru powerfully controlling 7 the main house of marriage and also positive houses 3 and Secondly , Guru the 7th lord conjoins mang the 11th lord. Finally, we can easily note the cooperation between Guru and Sukr- Here Sukr is the dasa lord ,in the star of Guru but Guru is in the star and sub of sukr, the karaka. Now let us see how sukr, the 5th cuspal sublord brings about the result- 1 Rahu in 2nd bhava , is aspected by sukr. So select Rahu.

Rahu and Ketu, in terms of rasi lords. If you want to know your future from an astrologer, the 7th cusp denoted the astrologer. If the sub lord of the 7th cusp is a fast moving planet, he will predict immediately, slow moving planet, there will be delay in analysis of the problem. Theft : if the sub lord of the 7th cusp is Mercury, thief is very young, Venus — youthful and young female, mars — full of age, Jupiter — middle age, Saturn — elderly person, sun — young and sex — see the sub lord in terms of the planets sex.

Partner in business is shown by 7th cusp. If the sub lord is Mercury tells more than one partner and if signifies 11th strong tie of partnership and if will connected to Venus through sub, cordial relationship are promised. The person murdered represents the 1st cusp. Back to Rules Page. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. KP Astrology Course. About Dr. Andrew Dutta. Birth Time Rectification Course.

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Love Affair and Marriage in Kp Astrology

With best wishes, L. Click here to know how. Posted January 31, Thanks for the reply. Regarding rules applying to only 1 or 2 charts, I must say that for many charts those rules didnt work. Which rules? How many charts have you tried? You say many charts. Pl gives us the chart details? We'll study and learn because we're testing the rules. I hope you'll be obliged to give the proof for saying they don't work. The rationale of current rules are given explained below to make them clear in application.

Note: The 2nd cusp sublord's connection with 7th is crucial for a legal marriage, otherwise a keep or companion or living together only. If there is a discontinuity in between the combination of affairs and marriage, then it indicates that one has enjoyed pre marital sex with someone else other than the spouse.

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The bottom line is to judge it very meticulously as the rules are as sensitive as pre or extra marital relation itself. Dear Parag, The XIth is for fulfillment of desire and success in achieving one's objective Kindly confirm Unlimited storage is just a click away.

Why don't you put all the cards on the table like Pavan ji? Because in Msg of this group, you made a Challenge for KP System with a Horary chart for foreign going, which a may change form chart casting person to person, place to place, time to time, b can give the correct answer only for a querist with a strong urge, not for a challeging query, without taking into consideration of the fact that it can't happen, if it is not promised in the natal chart. Posted February 1, Here is an interesting case regarding extra-marital relation of a wife confessed by her husband.

I've taken the case from a different astro forum and hope it will be a good case for discussion. Birth details of his wife also given below. I was technically a virgin when I married at the age of July , my wife confessed that she had a three year sexual live in relation with her cousin before marriage and the next day she told me that she was having a sexual relationship with my brother- in -law and feared that she was pregnant.

For family honor sake I excused her On 18th December ,my wife left for a one month vacation with her parents. My son started loosing skin color pigment lucoderma just after he left me. Ayurvedic treatment for our son was an excuse for her staying back I had posted my case on the AR list for advice and help in figuring out reasons for my current situation.

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My mother states that I was born on 29th August between 7. Birth of Son on 17th February Why delete messages? Dear " TeedoubleU eightfiftythree " jee I dont know why are you so offended.